How to Email from a Custom Domain Name

Setting up a personal email address with your domain name is simple and costs less than $5/mo.

    Custom Email:
  1. Register a domain name (you can do that here)
  2. Choose a hosting plan during checkout (Personal Plan will work fine)
  3. Login to your cPanel (see purchase confirmation email) and click 'Email Accounts'
  4. Create a new email address and a (secure!) password (video tutorial)

You can now send and receive email from your new domain by clicking the 'Webmail' icon on your cPanel home page and choosing either Horde or SquirrelMail to view your inbox.

Would you prefer to use Gmail logo? No problem!

You can use your custom domain with Gmail™. It's one of the most popular webmail services in the world and provides 5GB of free IMAP email service, which means you can sync your email with your phone, computer, iPod, etc. for no additional cost!

Here's how you do it:

    Send & Receive Via Gmail logo
  1. Login to Gmail™ and go to your Gmail™ Settings (NOT your Google Account settings)
  2. Click 'Accounts' then 'Add a POP3 mail account you own'
  3. Enter your custom email address (your@emailaddress.tld) and click 'Next Step'
  4. For Username, type the full email address again, enter the email's password and make sure mail.yourdomain.tld is the 'POP Server', and 'Port' is set to 110
    • - We recommend leaving all boxes unchecked except for 'Label incoming messages', and using the email address you just set up. This makes it easier to know which address you're reading mail for
  5. Click 'Add Account'
  6. Gmail™ will authenticate the login information by immediately importing any email that is currently in your new email address's webmail inbox.

  7. You will be asked if you want to send email from this address as well. Select 'Yes' and click 'Next Step'
  8. Enter the name you wish to be associated with the email address, uncheck 'Treat as alias', and click 'Next Step'
  9. Select to send through your domain's SMTP servers and enter the following:
    • SMTP Server: mail.yourdomain.tld
    • Port: 25
    • Username: your@emailaddress.tld
    • Password: y0uRp@ssW0rD!
    • - Select 'Secured connection using TLS'
    • - Click 'Add Account'
  10. Gmail™ then emails you a confirmation code to the address you entered. To retrieve this go to Webmail on your cPanel homescreen and check the inbox of your new email address. Copy and paste the confirmation code from the email into Gmail™'s pop-up window and click 'Verify'.
For precautionary purposes, we recommend backing up important email messages to your personal computer or hard drive.

That's it! You're all set up to send and receive email using your custom email address, even on other devices you sync your Gmail™ account with!