GKG Domain Dispute Form

This form is only to be used for disputes that arise and cannot be handled within the UDRP policy found at http://www.gkg.net/policies/dnd_policy.html. All disputes arising from a trademark or copyright must be handled by the UDRP.


  1. Completely fill out this form and return with payment of $100 fee to GKG.
  2. GKG will use the information provided to prepare an indemnification agreement that must be signed and notarized by the party filing the dispute. This indemnification agreement and any supporting documentation should be sent to GKG - the party filing a dispute will be called the "complainant".
  3. Upon receipt of completed indemnification agreement, GKG will immediately place domains in question on Registrar Lock. This will prevent the domain or GKG Username from being altered. However, the domain will still be active.
  4. GKG will review all documentation provided by the complainant and forward it to the current domain holder, who will have 72 hours to respond to our communication with an appropriate time frame in which they can produce their own documentation.
  5. After all documentation is received and reviewed, GKG will make an administrative decision as to which party will ultimately have control of the domain.
  6. Based on the administrative decision, GKG will make any required changes to the domain record. The domain will remain on Registrar Lock for 1 year to ensure that no further disputes are filed.

GKG.NET Dispute Form